Every year, the Northwest Earth Institute runs a web-based competition called EcoChallenge which turns bite-sized action into lasting environmental change. Due in part to its popularity over the last 6 years, the NWEI decided to rethink the platform to encourage better participation and to adapt to a mobile-first environment.

This work was done at Cast Iron Coding, a web development and design agency.

On top of the redesign of the web platform, we created dozens of logo ideas, including the final mark, and promotional applications.

A big part of this project was to show real-time effects of your action - such as taking quicker showers - and turning that into data (12 gallons of water saved).

I created iconography and ran a color study to accompany the different categories of action.

Another facet of the project was to create the ability for any company to create their own EcoChallenge. So the website had the option to accompany a company's logo and brand colors to be a standalone company challenge.